Mastering the Moments That Matter Most

Verbal Aikido is an advanced communications skills philosophy that links emotional intelligence and the non-adversarial philosophy of the Japanese martial art Aikido.

Verbal Aikido training is the most convenient and cost-effective way to Improve Sales, Customer Service, Employee Engagement, Corporate Culture, Conflict Resolution and more! Think of James MacNeil’s Verbal Aikido as the legendary Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People” on steroids!

Developed by internationally-respected speaker, teacher, trainer, coach and best-selling author of “The Guru Builder” and “Verbal Aikido”, James MacNeil offers a never-before-assembled, virtual treasure trove of time-tested content that is at once skill-improving, mindset-changing, and life-transforming.

James MacNeil’s Verbal Aikido is a:

  • Weekend Workshop
  • Corporate Training Program
  • Online Study Course
  • Online Monthly Member Community
  • Profitable Business Opportunity

Why Master Verbal Aikido?

  • Gain the Calm Confidence, Safe Strength and Pure Motivation to enjoy Rich and Rewarding Relationships.
  • Experience Genuine Respect, Acceptance, Interest and Mutual Benefit.
  • Enjoy a more fun and productive work environment.
  • Live with a “Clean Slate” free of Guilt, Fear, Anger, Regrets, Resentment or Confusion.
  • Be More Productive, Earn More Money and Have More Fun!
  • Feel Heard, Understood, Accepted and Respected!
  • Calmly handle anything that comes at you by Controlling Yourself, Managing the Interactions and Influencing Others